Yan and O’Malley Agree: Dillashaw Fighting With Hidden Debilitating Injury “Just Super Neat, Man”

A video Mr. Dillashaw may want to check out.

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Fresh off a hard-fought and contentious fight of the night at UFC 280, Petr Yan and Sean O’Malley both said it was really cool how T.J. Dillashaw fought with a chronically dislocated shoulder that rendered his Bantamweight title shot on the same card academic just seconds into the bout. Noting that, being intentionally scheduled on the same event for back-up purposes, it was really considerate of Dillashaw to push through to an inevitable and decisive whooping rather than withdraw from the fight, a move which would have forced one of Yan or O’Malley to have to change strategies completely as they prepared for an unexpected bout with champion Aljamain Sterling. Both men were appreciative of Dillashaw’s consideration, and would no doubt love the opportunity to make things right in person as soon as possible. Champion Sterling added his own gratitude, noting that, had he fought an opponent on short notice, the MMA fan base may have held it against him and tried to further portray his title reign as unmerited.

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