Dana White Vows to Find Appropriate Fall Guy for Natural Culmination of His Policies

We’re all trying to find the guy who did this!

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Dana White has acknowledged that TJ Dillashaw fighting for the title with a blown out shoulder “shouldn’t have happened” and promised fans there would be consequences for whichever low-level employee of the UFC or Nevada State Athletic Commission could be most-easily blamed. White promised an exhaustive investigation into how Dillashaw, operating in a system in which neither big paydays nor promised title shots are guaranteed, came to the decision to take a no-hope opportunity rather than report his injury and see his shot and earning-opportunity given to a rival. White also said the organization will conduct a thorough assessment to determine how Dillashaw managed to hide the injury from the UFC’s prefight screening process of asking fighters to tell them any reason they shouldn’t be fighting and getting paid that weekend following a months-long fight camp. Although White is not currently sure what junior staffer is to blame for this, he made it clear they would be fired accordingly once he decided.

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