Cejudo Sentenced to Trial By Combat for Racist Attack on Sterling

Pictured: All-American fighter Henry Cejudo

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Although UFC president Dana White has spent the past year benevolently refusing to so much as humor the idea of allowing former two-division champion Henry Cejudo to risk his health in another UFC fight, it appears that his mercy has run out after Cejudo’s latest racist attack on UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling. After asking for a chance to win the title off of Sterling, who was born, raised and currently lives in New York state, so he could “bring it back to America,” it appears that White has now deemed the flagrant violation of the UFC’s code of conduct must be met with corporal punishment in the form of a bout with Sterling for his title. White also added that the bout will serve a double purpose of determining whether Cejudo’s aggressively racist tweet was immoral after all, which is one of the beauties of MMA.

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