Anderson Silva Cleared to Fight After Providing “Pristine” Event Earnings Projections

The commission is satisfied Silva’s participation is the financially safe decision.

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Although the Arizona Boxing Commission expressed concerns with comments made by Anderson Silva in the lead-up to his bout with Jake Paul which cast doubt on his readiness by citing two training camp knockouts, and the resulting risk that posed to the event’s ability to bring in big money, an emergency meeting has settled the commission’s nerves, with the former UFC champion providing “pristine” projections for his ability to reach the ring and allow the fight to continue as planned. After acknowledging there’s always worry when it comes to fighters with concussions and the potential for them to have another aggravating incident on the day of the fight which would potentially have robbed the card of its main event and caused promoters to cancel the event rather than risk having to still pay everyone else on it, the ABC feels confident in Saturday night’s main event’s ability to go forth as planned and provide a suitable financial boon. The commission then closed out the emergency session with a hilarious joke from commissioner Scott Fletcher about how they did what they do best — nothing — and we couldn’t be more excited to see the end result on Saturday!

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