Black Belt, 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Agree: About Time They Freed Cain

“If they don’t face consequences, they’ll never stop.”

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black and owner of Perseverance Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness Tim Forrester and his girlfriend of 15 months Ashlee Caldwell shared a sigh of relief over the news Cain Velasquez was out on bail while awaiting trial on attempted murder charges after a high speed pursuit and attempted execution of a man accused of sexually abusing a minor in Velasquez’s family.

“I still remember when I heard his bail got denied the first time in March,” Forrester said. “Remember, babe? You were so upset when I told you after your field hockey game ended. Ridiculous they’ve had him in jail this long just for doing what anyone else would do if they learned some sicko at school was touching their kid.”

Forrester had intended to attend a rally in support of Velasquez in the late spring, but was forced to miss it when it conflicted with Caldwell’s graduation.

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