Retired Fighter Declares Adversary Lucky He Can’t Do Chud Shit Through the Internet After Being Called Chud

“You wouldn’t call me an embarrassing aggro goon to my face or I’d beat you good!”

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A retired MMA fighter scored another flawless victory in online debate today by threatening to beat up a social media user who called him a mean name that implied he was an aggressive, hateful doofus. The fighter, who fought a “who’s who” of MMA stars in his career and beat a “who” of them, was continuing a months-long vendetta against a different online stranger who once had an opinion on training that he disagreed with when the outside interloper noted that sounded pretty sad and lame to them. Showing the kind of verbal nous that only comes with decades of repeated head trauma, the fighter laid down the hammer with some casual insecurity-infused misogyny and homophobia, before posting an untagged passive-aggressive status about the original poster.

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