Drake’s MMA Gambling Intervention Fails for Third Consecutive Time as Friends, Family Unable to Stop Giggling

We’re all here *snort* because we *muttering*come on, you got this, hold it together *snort* because we care about yo- I’m sorry, guys I just can’t get through it.

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Friends and family of Drake have once again fallen short in an effort to stage a gambling intervention for the celebrity as a result of their complete inability to not break out in laughter every time they try to explain his betting history. Those closest to Drake want to help him, but struggle due to just how damned funny it is seeing him slap down a huge bet on a fighter only for them to get knocked out on the brink of victory.

One anonymous source close to the rapper did admit one positive, noting that there’s no big card this weekend and Drake only places bets on fighters who are famous and cool in the hopes they’ll like him, which should be an additional area of concern if it didn’t make you giggle to realize it. They added that they were at least glad that Drake didn’t get big into the sport until after the retirement of UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry, because “I feel like the two of them would really get along, and that dude was always fucking losing.”

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