Musk Announces Mass Layoffs at Mixed Martial Artish

Internal operations at the media company are currently “chaotic.”

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Mixed Martial Artish founder and CEO Elon Musk continued his overhaul of daily operations at the media company, currently the 46th most popular comedy martial arts account on Instagram, instituting a major staffing shake-up to coincide with a swath of editorial changes. Anonymous reports from those at the company confirm Musk laid off a significant portion of staff today in a group email, with particularly heavy cuts across the graphics, writing, and editing, departments. Adding to the complication, many of the fired staff were later revealed to be crucial members of the team, with Musk scrambling to rehire them as needed as he discovered new things he intended to do with the site. Another anonymous employee claims to have been laid off and rehired on seven occasions in Musk’s 24 hours in charge, which they noted was “a few more times than I’d be used to under previous ownership.”

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