Cancelled Warrior Hits Back, Proves He’s Not a Bad Guy

Remember that being good at assault is universally a virtue.

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Former UFC fighter Greg Hardy, who was unfairly driven out of the UFC by the woke mob just because he was a violent domestic abuser, has once again vindicated himself as a person by winning a combat sports bout. After having his UFC career cut short at just ten opportunities to fight for the world’s premier organization, barely earning more than a million dollars in disclosed pay, Hardy won a four-round decision over Hasim Rahman Jr. in a boxing match this weekend. This offers validation to Hardy both as a good human being and also as a fighter, following the UFC’s baffling decision to cut him after just three straight knockout losses, despite the last two of those fights barely providing four minutes of in-cage time to show his skills. Okay, he’s surely stopped reading by now. You guys, we are struggling over here. Elon keeps posting poorly-made MMA memes into the slack and saying “good article idea, feel free to use it,” and he sent out an email advising anyone who wasn’t prepared to go “totally insane-o style” to take his offer of six months severance. Sometimes I feel like the only person still working here. Help me.

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