Gianni Infantino Calls Out “Idiots” Denigrating World Cup Following Exciting Group Stage

The president spoke for 40 rambling minutes in the press huddle.

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FIFA president Gianni Infantino was bristling at a post-groups press conference for the 2022 World Cup today, digging into “all the haters in the media and on social media who only want to tear things down.” While the most recent iteration of the sporting world’s biggest event drew criticism for its underhanded bidding process, reckless disregard for player safety, deadly and slave-driven construction and the virulent homophobia of the host nation, the play on the field has been stellar, particularly in the final round of games which provided a host of see-saw battles and minnow nations earning their spot in the knockout stages at the expense of more established foes.

“All you fucking goofballs down on press row, too,” Infantino added. “What have you done to build this sport? 92 years of putting on World Cups, but you clowns think you know better than we do. World Cup wouldn’t be here without us. ‘The compressed schedule is dangerous for players,’ this, and ‘how many died to build your stadiums’ that. Sit down, watch the fucking games and shut the fuck up.”

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