Jake Shields to Release DVD Series on Human Sexuality

Twitter’s smartest gender expert finally releases his secrets!

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If you love BJJ Fanatics and their line of high-quality instructionals from low-quality individuals, then we have exciting news for you. The company today announced its expansion into informational series in which you can receive advice and learn about human nature and sexuality from real, IBJJF-certified black belt practitioners. Fanatics also announced the first series in the line, a look at human sexuality and biology with Jake Shields. In this eight-part instructional series, viewers will learn about topics that include the history of studs and skanks, why your dick’s not small she’s actually just a whore, how too much sex makes a woman incapable of love and the myth of female sexual pleasure. The series will also feature a special bonus episode about how to get a woman to willingly touch your penis, which will be released as soon as Shields is able to gather some real-world data on the subject.

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