Daddy Very Proud of His Paddy

Such a good little Baddy, that laddie.

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UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett is set to return to the Octagon this weekend, and he has his sights set squarely on the enemy in front of him — Ariel Helwani. In an interview with UFC president Dana White on Pimblett’s YouTube channel, Paddy was such a good, good little boy, going in on Helwani and calling him out as someone who he feels cynically makes money off fighters while not providing them with fair compensation in return for the value they generate. Channeling his rage at inadequate mixed martial arts fighter compensation at the definitively correct source for that frustration, Pimblett pulled no punches about how the true leech of mixed martial arts who provides nothing while extracting so much is Helwani, along with all the other scum in the MMA media, earning a round of applause from a so very, very proud White.

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