Mohegan Commission Promises Action to Learn Why Douglas Crosby Did a Douglas Crosby

There must be a solution for this unsolvable problem.

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In light of last week’s Bellator 289 in which Douglas Crosby submitted a Douglas Crosbian scorecard in the night’s Bantamweight Title fight, the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulations has promised to carry out an investigation into what can be done to avoid such instances in the future. Crosby, who handed in the dissenting card in the bout between Raufeon Stots and Danny Sabatello by awarding all five rounds to the defeated fighter, has been the odd judge out on a higher percentage of split-decisions than any other judge with at least 50 fights on record this year according to’s analysis.

It is not yet known what if any changes the commission will recommend, but here’s hoping they figure out some kind of complicated system that they and other regulatory bodies can use to prevent a man with decades of experience getting fights wrong from potentially spoiling another title fight in a major organization, though what solution that may be is anyone’s guess.

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