Gordon Ryan Crowned New King of Clean

Nothing but pure HARxD WORK!

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When news broke that Not Looking Up His “Liver King” Real Name, a man built like a statue carved by someone who had never seen a muscular human but did have one described to them once, didn’t get that way on organ meat alone, bros and rise-and-grinders the world over were left looking for a hero with a physique they could EXTREMELY HETEROSEXUALLY admire who didn’t have a whole pharmacy in his left cheek. While these poor alpha wolves may have been left out in the cold with no one to follow for weeks, a new hero has emerged in the form of grappling ace Gordon Ryan. The yoked among us have flocked in massive numbers to the equally massive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player, who is known for being as natural as he is nice, drawn in by his ripped physique built out of nothing more than hard work and a tummy that can’t make poops good.


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