Benevolent Purple Belt Still Runs Blue Belt Discord Channel

Humility levels off the charts for the all-powerful admin.

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Despite having earned his purple belt 19-months ago, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player Lenny diGenova kindly continues to operate and moderate his discord channel “BLUE BELT BATTALION – NO WHITE BELTS ALLOWED!” While diGenova has moved on to create his new channel, “PURTLE BELT POSSE – BLUES AND WHITES NOT WELCOME!!!” he still finds time to hang out in his old channel and spend time with the lower belts.

“It just feels really great to be able to share all the wisdom I’ve earned through the years with them,” diGenova said. “You know, at blue belt you think you’ve learned it all, and you don’t even know how much more there is to learn as a purple belt. It would blow the average blue belt’s mind, ya know?

“When the blues are having a discussion with their limited understanding, it feels good to know I can pop in with my special purple name that shows I know my stuff and educate them. It’s a sacrifice, sure, but I just believe in the responsibility of being an upper belt. Plus, it’s not like they’re fucking white belts.”

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