Dana White: “No Excuse” For “Horrible” Actions Fans Passionately Excusing

“She started it if you ignore him grabbing her when she tries to leave, tho”

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UFC President Dana White, who has taken a hard stance against domestic abuse by fighters who aren’t major pay per view draws or big names that drive clicks, has found himself in hot water this weekend after footage emerged of a dispute at a club where he struck his wife multiple times. Noting that the UFC has long taken a “zero” tolerance policy on violence against women, White threw his hands up and said he made no excuses for the actions your coach and teammates are currently vociferously defending, before adding a couple mitigating factors that were definitely not excuses. While White was clear, reports say that many fans have finally heeded calls from the left to push back on White’s narratives by pointing out that, actually, he did nothing wrong and that they would do the same thing in his situation, something you should not find in any way concerning nor should it make you reconsider your gym choices.

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