UFC to Investigate Drawing Power of White Before Making Penalty Decision

Hard to believe this man may have rage issues.

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UFC President Dana White is in hot water after having been filmed striking his wife twice in a club on New Years Eve, and now the organization has committed to a thorough assessment of White’s contributions to the organization’s revenue generating operations to determine the correct level of reprimand. While many speculated White may get off with just a trivial punishment as the self-manufactured face of the sport, others have raised concerns about White’s skills being best applied to denigrating fighters instead of promoting fights.

“We are aware of the incident involving Dana White and his wife this past weekend,” UFC ownership group Endeavor said in a statement delivered to Mixed Martial Artish today. “Although Dana holds an esteemed position within the organization, it’s important for all those in our employ to understand that nobody is above the rules. We will be conducting a thorough investigation to determine whether Dana is of significant benefit to our stakeholders for a formal warning, or whether performance dictates a sterner punishment.”

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