Man Takes Break From Harassing Trans Fighter to Note White’s Wife Had it Coming

Wherever women need attacking online, he’s ready.

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Thomas Solo, 57, maintains a strict daily schedule of diligently sending threatening and abusive DMs to, and making accusatory comments on posts by, trans combat sports athletes, but sometimes he understands you need to take a break to focus on higher priorities. The latest case arrived this past weekend, when some within the MMA community lobbed criticisms at UFC President Dana White for repeatedly slapping his wife in a club on New Years Eve even though the entire incident was obviously her fault.

“I’m not saying he should have done it,” said Solo, who routinely accuses trans fighters of having surgery, beginning hormone therapy and taking on the social burden of being a trans woman in a sport and world hostile to them just so they can legally hit women without repercussions. “When you watch the video, first she tries to leave when he’s clearly not done talking to her, then when he stops her, she just hits him out of nowhere! With no provocation! Equal lefts, equal rights, you know? I know I’d do the same.”

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