Slapping Suspended One Week After Weekend Involvement in Domestic Violence Incident

TBS was swift to crack down on the act.

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The consequences are in and broadcaster TBS has made it clear there is no room for spousal violence by suspending slapping one week after its involvement in a violent dispute between UFC president Dana White and his wife. While slapping initially sided with Mrs. White as she attempted to free herself from Mr. White’s grip and exit the situation, it soon switched sides, turning on its former ally twice.

“It’s important for all of our partners to understand there are standards and expectations,” a representative of TBS said when reached for comment. “We hope that slapping can take this as a learning experience and understand that actions have consequences. Its behavior on New Years Eve was unacceptable and, following a thorough internal investigation, we feel that this one week suspension is the appropriate response to send a clear message about our priorities and exactly how seriously we take domestic violence.”

Unfortunately, this does not come without victims, as Mr. White will now need to wait an additional week for slapping to serve its time before launching his Dana White’s Power Slap league on the national cable network.

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