Fighter Forever Known as “Soccer Kicker,” Champion, Following Controversial Head Kick KO

An indelible stain that will hardly be cured by the additional $25,000 and title.

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New CFXC Lightweight Champion Cody Hanson was contrite at the event’s post-fight press conference this past weekend, after having been caught by the many cameras filming the card kicking his downed opponent in the head twice to secure a knock out finish and claim the former-champion’s title, as well as the win bonus of his own contract.

“They came down on me pretty hard,” Hanson said to the assembled media. “Obviously me losing the title wouldn’t help anybody in the division, so that was never on the table, but everywhere I go with my belt, people will also know that I am a soccer kicker. For the rest of my career, I’ll be known as a soccer kicker, and I have to live with that. Also, they wrote ‘Was a very naughty boy, indeed’ in the memo of my check for Knock Out of the Night, and that’s a shame I have to literally carry with me at the bank on Monday.”

Thankfully, it wasn’t all bad news for Hanson, who announced he signed a new contract with the organization offering far more lucrative paydays, and that he would put his belt on the line again against “some butt-scooter” on the promotion’s next card in February.

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