Entitled Ngannou Denies Fans Fight They Wanted

So tired of these spoiled assholes not doing exactly what I want.

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Just when you think this sport and the selfish people in it can’t hurt you anymore, former UFC Champion Francis Ngannou comes along and thinks of nobody but himself and denies you the fight with Jon Jones you deserve for being such a good fan for so long. With the announcement that Ngannou was prioritizing things like medical coverage, sponsorship rights and revenue sharing over our desire as fans to see the exact fight pairing we find most appealing, he has once again exposed mixed martial arts fighters as the most self-serving and entitled group of people anywhere in sports. It’s extra frustrating when the UFC is obviously not going to cave and ever offer these professional sports standards anyhow, so it’s totally delusional and a big L to do anything other than just accept it as a given and fight whoever we want you to fight when we want you to fight them.

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