Demetrious Johnson Reveals Shockingly Public Pay

Access does, however, require seconds of Googling “Demetrious Johnson fight purses” first.

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MMA websites are abuzz today with the shocking news that Demetrious Johnson’s low pay as UFC champion has been public information available with just seconds of browsing one of the multiple sites keeping fighter pay databases or the Wikipedia pages for many of Johnson’s fight cards. The extremely low pay, with Johnson fighting repeatedly for the belt for purses that topped out at or under $60,000 even with the double-your-pay win bonuses that are standard in the UFC, has apparently just been there in the open for anyone willing to do less than one minute of research. Reporters were stunned to learn that this information was always available since the time those fights went down, including last year when Johnson was advising Paddy Pimblett to fight who they say for what they pay and the money will all work out in the end, pro-company man advice that Pimblett has followed to a tongue-lashing T.

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