Deiveson Figueiredo Aspiring to Become First Zombie UFC Champion

A good sign for a man famously comfortable at Flyweight.

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Chalk up another win for visibility, as the UFC may see its first undead champion crowned this weekend when Deiveson Figueiredo puts his UFC Flyweight Title on the line and attempts to win it again despite apparently having passed since his victory in his third bout with challenger and former-champion Brandon Moreno. Figueiredo bravely shared a video to social media this week showing the toll that being a zombie has taken on his body, appearing sunken and borderline non-functional as the camera operator awkwardly panned around him, capturing his standing corpse in high definition from all angles. Despite being now an unholy abomination made ambulatory against all laws of gods and men, Figueiredo’s team assured those concerned that the champion would have no problem making weight, winning the fight and consuming the flesh of his bested foe.

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