Joe Rogan Experience Discussion of Fake Tweet Enters Third Hour

The episode has been downloaded 13,000,000 times.

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The latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featuring comedian Chris D’Elia stretched into its third hour of discussion of a viral tweet claiming that a California high school had begun keeping pots of soil in each class for children who identify as plants. Neither man has read any of the refuting replies to the tweet, which was seen by Rogan when it was shared by former Strikeforce fighter and current internet nazi Jake Shields. “This is embarrassing,” Rogan said, referring to the hypothetical school and not the segment. “People are people, and plants are plants, and I realize saying that is going to have the PC police coming after me like I said [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] again or something.”

D’Elia agreed with Rogan before asking where he could find this PC-hell hole, adding, “no, but like, seriously, what is the address and when are students present?”

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