UFC Fighters Hopeful College Admission, NIL Deal Provide Financial Security

An exciting new monetization opportunity.

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The inboxes of college admissions administrators have seen a new surge of applications from the world’s premier mixed martial artists as they seek the lucrative opportunity of Name, Image and Likeness deals from the world’s top mixed martial arts organization.

“It’s just so great to see the UFC getting into the habit of paying athletes to use their personal brand,” said one fighter speaking on condition of anonymity. “Just to think of how much less-stressful my life will be once I get into the University of Alabama and secure an NIL deal from the UFC that I can use to quit my serving job and really focus on training and fighting.”

The fighter added they were confident of their admission into the university, due to their excellent life experience essay about the time they fought before tens-of-thousands of people on a nationally televised fight card while subsisting on nothing but rice and food they could pinch off customers’ unfinished plates in the months preceding it.

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