Jake Paul Passes on Opportunity to Criticize Dana White Over Domestic Abuse for Some Reason

No obvious explanation has emerged.

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Despite a years-long war of words between YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul and slapping promoter and practitioner Dana White, Paul has passed on the opportunity to “kick [Dana] while he’s down,” after White was caught on camera abusing his wife in a club. It is not yet known why Paul, a man who has let no opportunity to dig the knife in on White pass him by in the past, would choose to take the magnanimous route in this specific instance rather than take the easily attained high ground that any decent person can lay claim to. Current speculation reckons it may be related to an alleged partnership between the UFC and Jake’s brother, Logan, with an announcement expected this week.

Under normal circumstances fans and media might have expected Paul to call any and all attention to the misdeeds of the UFC head honcho, and we will continue to doggedly investigate to find out just why he would not choose to do so over this one very public and very prominent issue.

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