Grown Man Poses With Cardboard Cutout

Another alpha move from the UFC head honcho.

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Known Real ManTM and UFC president Dana White has been spotted posing with YouTuber Logan Paul and cardboard cutout KSI after reaching a sponsorship agreement to name the UFC’s red and blue corners after the pair’s partially-owned energy drink. While some were critical of the picture, saying it made White look like “a total fucking dork” who “debased himself for a few more dollars he doesn’t need,” his many fans were quick to point out that, actually, doing this shows how cool and relevant he remains, and that standing there with his arm around a piece of cardboard was a real power move from an alpha dawg. Although it is debated how much dignity will be retained following the picture, Mixed Martial Artish sources believe the UFC and its president will see a silver lining in retaining all of the profits from the arrangement.

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