Stop the Presses: The Ultimate Fighter Still a Thing, Apparently

Unconfirmed reports claim the program has continued unabated for nearly two decades.

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This weekend fans of mixed martial arts were treated to the shocking news that The Ultimate Fighter is still going on, and that the UFC expects actual people to devote an hour of their week for roughly a dozen weeks on end to watching the show. The next season is set to feature Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler coaching alongside a cast of fighters you will not be expected to remember in any way in the years ahead. Fans are particularly excited about McGregor being in Las Vegas during filming, with a change of scene providing an opportunity to once again refine his skills and see how they apply by committing assaults and acts of sexual predation away from his home nation, where his track record is indisputable, and back in the states, where his accomplishments are fewer but prominent.

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