Outrageous! 70-Year-Old Man Not That Into Cage Fighting

If you don’t like violence, then why do you do movies, big guy? Checkmate.

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Showing a level of elitism and soy boy cuck simpery that is off the charts, Hollywood actor and elderly man Liam Neeson has expressed his lack of enthusiasm for the sport mixed martial arts and its famous Irish fighter Conor McGregor, outraging fans around the globe at his absolute temerity. Fans and writers of the sport have found it simply inconceivable that someone would dare to not love a sport where two people strip down and bludgeon each other about the body, face and legs, and have demanded a forthright apology for having the nerve to not be all that interested in learning about the sport or its nuances while still having the gall to respond to a direct question about it.

Fans took umbrage at his insinuation that the sport might serve as a natural gateway to less-civilized fighting structures, as if people are just going to remove all art from it and create some kind of league that is all trauma and no defense or something. It was also widely-agreed that Neeson should be careful about who he accuses of being violent and unsporting lest McGregor once again show off his knack for assaulting old man who angered him.

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