Incompetent MMA Fighter Also Incompetent nazi Hunter

He’s probably never seen a mirror or photo of himself while topless.

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Despite being recently awarded an honor for his work in “denazifying” Ukraine, sources close to former MMA fighter Mikhail Turkanov confirm to Mixed Martial Artish he has allowed one nazi very close to him to evade his rifle’s sights. Turkanov closed his MMA career with three straight losses in which he was finished, the last of which came to an opponent otherwise winless in the sport, and transitioned into waging casual war in the Ukraine for a unit that stole its insignia from New Jersey-based mixed martial arts organization Dead Serious MMA.

While it is not yet confirmed whether Turkanov actually faced off with any of the nazis in the Azov Regiment and got to compare tattoos or simply spent his time shooting at different soldiers or civilians, here’s hoping with his newfound medal in hand he manages to root out that nearby nazi and do what he allegedly does best.

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