Poster Boy for Rapist-Enabling Instructional Platform Burns LeBron Over Unethical Business Associations

He also accused James of being petty, uninformed and jealous of Ryan’s success and wealth.

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Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu champion Gordon Ryan, upon seeing a successful black athlete who has the nerve to not shut up and stick to sports, fired off his 17th social media post of the day to take a shot at LeBron James the day after James set the NBA scoring record. Sharing a picture of James holding a sheet with his all-time scoring mark on it, Ryan the most prominent instructor for BJJ Fanatics and its line of high-quality instructionals by elite grapplers, only some of whom were publicly and credibly accused of sexual assault prior to their instructional release which the company then happily promoted and liked positive responses to while ignoring those comments questioning the decision to get into a business relationship with a man accused of sexual predation by a world champion grappler in a widely shared podcast appearance laid into James for his partnership with Nike, which has been credibly accused of using slave labor and sweatshop work to make its shoes.

It’s unclear if James, from whom Ryan cribbed his “King” gimmick, saw the post and felt sufficiently burned by a man who happily and frequently promotes his own work with a company which offers instructionals with a broad range of titles from the very racist to the very sexist, but here’s hoping Gordon finally gets the attention from an actual sports superstar that he so clearly desires.

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