47-Year-Old White Belt Accountant Weighs in on Street Fight Best Practices

Not getting in a street fight was reportedly never in Ellis’ contemplation.

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Responding to an Instagram post by BJJ Black Belt Josh Hinger asking followers how they handle chokes in a street fight, 47-year-old-old financial professional Wade Ellis made his case for sleeping an opponent over honoring their tap.

“You can’t play around in a real fight,” said the father of a child who is old enough to rent their own car. “If I catch your neck, I’m not letting go until you’re napping.”

The two-stripe white belt who takes multiple daily joint supplements added that he was glad he trained now, as it was comforting to know that the next time he’s faced with potential hand-to-hand combat with a stranger he will be more than capable of handling his foe and coming out victorious.

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