Blog Hoping Latest Twitter Failure Brings Platform’s End Before It Has to Start Caring About It

Come on, Elon, we believe in you!

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It was another rough day for Twitter Monday with the platform once again experiencing extreme instability, and reports out of Mixed Martial Artish HQ confirm the blog is stridently hoping this will finally be the last straw that sends the social media platform tumbling out of existence and prevents staff from ever having to get around to properly engaging with it. The platform has been struggling since being acquired by blood emerald billionaire Elon Musk last year and the resulting gut-job taken out against staff in critical departments from engineering to communication, and the blog hopes that another round of technical errors will finally prove too much, sparing staff the need to develop and carry out a strategy for marketing articles on the platform. While it does not currently appear the platform is set to collapse after this latest blunder, the team at Mixed Martial Artish remains optimistic the next opportunity is just around the corner and the need to escalate beyond merely sharing posts over to Twitter (when they can remember to) can be removed from the to-do list.

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