LeBron James Outed as Drug Cheat By Racist Liar

What reason would Chael possibly have to fib here?

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International sports superstar LeBron James’ world is in tatters today as he has been outed as a PED user by Chael Sonnen, an also-ran MMA fighter from the early 2010s who used a blend of fabulism, racism and plagiarizing wrestlers to earn himself a place of status within the mixed martial arts world. Making an appearance on the Flagrant podcast, Sonnen, a retired man who enjoyed moderate success in a sport famous for suppressing fighter wages, confirmed that he knows James is on the good stuff because James, a billionaire global force with a staggering amount of income and acclaim on the line were he caught juicing as well as near limitless access to anything he desires, uses the same guy as Sonnen for his gear, and that guy is one who is prone to discussing his famous and powerful clients and what they’re taking with other clients.

This is ground-shaking news that is sure to expand well outside of the mixed martial arts bubble, rocking the very foundation of the sports world to its core, provided the reporters covering the NBA have the courage to apply the same strident journalistic standards of MMA press by reporting on the claim at face value with no mention of Sonnen’s serial history of targeting racist attacks at successful athletes of color in an effort to expand his public standing at their expense.

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