“He’s Gone Too Far!” McGregor Fan Out After TUF Behavior

Everyone has their limit.

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Kevin Pattinson has long been one of the most devoted Conor McGregor fans in mixed martial arts fandom, but the decade-long admirer has seen enough of the Irishman’s antics he announced in a twitter post Thursday, having been pushed to his limit by McGregor’s actions around the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

“Everybody who knows me knows that I love Conor,” Pattinson said. “I’ve defended him against the weasel Khabib Not-gonna-fight-anymov or when the PC mobs tried to cancel him because they’re all weak SJWs who can’t handle some fight promotion or normal partying, but this is too far.”

The outburst came after McGregor appeared to leak information on the results of the upcoming season, on which McGregor coaches against Michael Chandler. Pattinson acknowledged he was already at the end of his rope after McGregor allegedly pulled strings to replace fighters on the show with his own guys, having labeled the act a show of “disrespect to the sanctity” of the reality television program.

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