Man Famous for Being Violent in Trouble for Being Violent Wrong

No, they’re not laughing AT his disability, they’re just laughing at how, like, they mean, you know.

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Fans of Hasbulla Magomedov, a 20-year-old who rose to fame in the MMA world for doing aggressive dickhead things while having a medical condition that makes him appear too young to be doing aggressive dickhead things, is in hot water after posting a video to his YouTube where he did the wrong kind of aggressive dickhead things. While MMA fans agreed that his medical condition makes it very funny to watch Hasbulla swear at, threaten and assault other people, a video in which the social media star pulled on the ear of a cat then hit the cat multiple times has fans seeing red.

“I was always a big fan of his,” said Patrick Morris, 38. “I always loved how he’d do all these hilarious things like punching people and challenging people to fights, which was the best because, I mean, you know, because that’s just so funny what with, you know… but this? Being mean to a cat? That’s not very funny at all, at any size.”

Fans were perplexed to learn that providing a positive reinforcement loop to a teenager where doing shitty things got him more and more fame and money from gawking strangers could somehow lead to this. While it’s unclear how many of his fans in the MMA world will abandon Hasbulla in light of this new development, experts recommend he make a quick pivot away from mistreating animals back to the old hits like being at places that people wouldn’t expect someone who looks like him to be and being unnecessarily toxic and shitty, but only to other people.

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