White, McMahon Locked in Heated Debate Over Whose Crimes More Incredibly Consequence Free

Red levels in the room are breaking all records.

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Anytime major organizations with prideful executives come together there’s bound to be some friction, and the latest such example comes out of the recent UFC and WWE merger, with company heads Dana White and Vince McMahon locked in a bitter argument over who more unbelievably escaped negative consequences for heinous acts. McMahon apparently entered White’s office full of bluster, bragging about the long list of racism, sexual harassment and abuse he carried out during his time at the wrestling organization. White, never one to back down, countered by noting that nobody was able to force him to take an imaginary step back out of public view even with the easy juxtaposition of his newly formed slap league alongside the footage of him assaulting his wife.

Although tensions remain high, the dick measuring contest has remained metaphorical so far, as neither man has felt the need to take theirs out due to the lack of any subordinate women present in the room.

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