Smelly Gi Guy Asks to Work In

Like an egg in a gym sock that’s been soaked in vinegar.

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Crisis conditions at a local jiu-jitsu school as the guy with the smelly gi just showed up late and asked to work in with your group. It’s unknown whether the man doesn’t realize he should be washing his gi after every class or just can’t be bothered to, but any hopes he’d choose another pairing soon disappeared along with all comfortably-breathable air as he made his way confidently over to you. The smell, famous among students of your school, is even rumored to be “stickier” than most, finding its way deep into training partners’ gis and hanging around through several washes of their own. The situation is further compounded by the uncaring indifference of your teammates, which only serves to confirm they’ll all rush to other options come live rolls leaving the three of you to cycle through a smelly rotation together.

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