Triumphant Adesanya Settles Score With Rival

Middleweight vs. middle school.

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Redemption has a name, and that name is Israel Adesanya. While many wondered how Adesanya would overcome the weight of history against his rival as he fought to regain his UFC Middleweight Championship, with one punch Adesanya shut off the champion’s lights and scored a decisive blow in his battle with his adulthood child-bully Alessandro Pereira. Adesanya has beef with Pereira dating back over six years when the then elementary school-aged Pereira entered the ring after his father had knocked Adesanya out and flopped down to the mat theatrically, an action which Adesanya alleges was met with insufficient physical abuse from the boy’s father.

All experts Mixed Martial Artish spoke with in our reporting agreed that someone Pereira’s age at the time of the incident would be fully cognizant of the impropriety of it and that any reasonable person would turn it into a years-long grudge with the offending child were they on the receiving end of it. Pereira, who had just watched his father get knocked stiff by a blow from which he had yet to awaken, was left crying like a little child in the face of Adesanya’s clap back. How embarrassing!

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