This Time He Will Surely Get His Comeuppance

Probably best to fully invest ourselves in a Diaz win.

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MMA fans around the world agree that recent rumors of a boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz could only mean good things. Paul has yet to face a competent MMA striker under 40 and that’s why this time is for sure going to be different, and that there is positively no way this turns into another depressing night in MMA history. Adding that there is no reason to be concerned about how far removed from his elite years Diaz is or Paul’s proven track record of picking opponents from MMA he can beat and how appealing that would seem to Paul after losing to The Fury Brother at Home the first time he faced a real boxer, fans were already at work making plans for the big and happy parties they would throw on the night of the fight. That deep, indescribably foreboding feeling in your gut is probably nothing anyways.

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