Men Are Toxic, That’s Why I Train MMA So I’ll Be Ready to Intimidate My Daughters’ Teenage Boyfriends

You think you just get to date MY daughter because SHE wants to?

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We have a real problem in our society with the way that we raise men that teaches them to prize the wrong attributes in themselves and to treat others in unnecessarily dangerous and aggressive ways, which is why I started training at an MMA gym the day I learned I was going to have a daughter. A decade from now when my daughter is in high school and brings home a boyfriend, it’s important that I’m able to present myself as a physical threat capable of doing them extreme harm if they do anything with her that I don’t want them to. While it’s true that many years of rigorous martial arts training is a lot of work to put in to be able to present an imposing and potentially-violent figure to a ninth-grader, it will all be worth it the first time my daughter brings a boyfriend to the house and I can show him my collection of martial arts medals, katanas and firearms.

You just can never be too safe with how men are these days.

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