Jake Paul and Anderson Silva Probably Ready to Unveil Fighters Association Soon

Should be any day now.

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With the bout between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva more than a half year in the past and Paul lining up for his second post-Silva bout it’s time to get excited about the forthcoming fighters association organized by Paul and Silva which is bound to be getting its big reveal in the weeks ahead. Brought about by a good faith wager by Paul, who said that if victorious he would work with Silva to forge a new alliance that helps fighters get their fair share of income in the sport, the organization is a chance for Paul to bring attention to a cause which is very sincerely close to his heart.

Having spent the majority of his boxing career taking shots at Dana White and the UFC for its poor fighter pay and treatment, it is going to be so amazing when we see the culmination of all that passionate lobbying in the form of a powerful union advocating for fighters’ rights in realization of the whole reason Paul got into the sport in the first place. Get your money now, Dana, because your days are numbered!

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