Nate Diaz Enjoys Benefit of 37th Doubt

If only we knew anything to provide context.

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Following on the latest video of Nate Diaz engaging in non-sanctioned combat on a New Orleans street, fans have been quick to wonder what might have possibly caused the incident, deeming it just too unclear to know whether Nate was looking for a fight. Because there is a brief moment where the camera pans off Diaz between his opponent appearing to hold his hands up in the universal gesture for “I don’t want to fight” and Diaz applying a tight choke, there is a near limitless number of things the man could have done in that split second to justify Diaz’s choke and we can’t technically disprove any of them.

“I just want to see what happened first,” Diaz fan Pat Bradly added. “How do we know the guy wasn’t the one threatening Nate who responded very politely? The guy could have had a weapon. We don’t ever see him go through a full-body pat down.”

Unfortunately, we are unlikely to ever have the full story, meaning there is just no way to draw any informed conclusions about if Nate was forced into the fight against his will or was instead actively looking for the opportunity to throw down, just as we are unable to be sure about Nate’s reluctance in his scuffle earlier that night with a different influence or his and his team’s dozens of prior fights and brawls.

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