One-Dimensional Fighter Still Deathly Afraid of Transitioning in Retirement

A man of (shitty) principle.

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Retired fighter and active fascist Jake Shields is at again, once more waging war against the concept of transitioning into a more complete and fully realized version of oneself. Shields has long been an opponent of transitions, having spent his 19-year career pushing back on efforts by teammates and trainers to develop skills that would see him move from a grappler to an actual mixed martial artist. Even his most ardent critics would have to admit he was fully successful in rebuffing those attempts after witnessing the toddler-learning-to-walk approach he still took to striking nearly two decades into his fighting career. His latest outburst, a hateful tirade in which he publicly called for the execution of anyone who assists a trans person in finding happiness, once again shows his resolute commitment to opposing any personal change that could possibly improve someone in any way.

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