Commission Chair Drops Killer Zinger About PED-Rampant Slap League

It’s fun to joke about the monster you created.

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Testing results for fighters on Dana White’s Power Slap league are in and show a rash of abuse of drugs both recreational and performance enhancing, but the chairman of the commission responsible for green lighting the league knows the proper response — he’s got jokes!

“Is there like a big bowl of performance-enhancing drugs down there somewhere that I don’t know about? I haven’t seen this in quite a while. I didn’t know you needed to use steroids to slap but I guess we’re going to find out,” laughed the Nevada Athletic Commission’s Anthony Marnell III, highlighting the absurdity of thinking that drugs that make you stronger would be beneficial in a sport in which competitors are allowed to strike each other in the head at full force with no legal defense.

The hilarious hearing will surely go a long way to further solidifying fans’ rock-solid belief in the commission to always do what’s right and safe for combat sports athletes in the state.

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