“Oh, Fuck!”: Rockhold Remembers Modeling Career

“Why did nobody remind me?”

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Former UFC Middleweight Champion and recent Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship participant Luke Rockhold was despondent Monday evening upon remembering his other career in modeling. Having supplemented his fight career with his conventional good looks, it has been debated whether engaging in the combat sport known for being significantly more superficially damaging than others was a great call for Rockhold.

“Oh, this is bad,” Rockhold said while looking at his mangled mouth. “[Modeling agent] Cindy [Williams] is going to be so pissed.”

The former champion was reportedly turning off his phone for the next few days and hoping the whole thing blows over and Williams finds a new client to be mad at just as soon as one of them does something more modelingly irresponsible than a bare knuckle fist fight.

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