Trouble Brewing as Partner Also Didn’t Pay Attention to Demonstration

Okay, so, I think then you wanna go there with that hand?

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Disaster was on the cards at Jiu-Jitsu today, as Michelle Fontana discovered that her partner Sadie Harris had not been paying attention during the instruction of the move the two were meant to drill, leaving Fontana, who accidentally spent the entire demonstration trying to remember the name of that guy from all that funny stuff, unsure of what the pair were meant to be doing. Fontana’s joy at remembering that, ‘oh dip, Richard Kind,’ was short lived as Harris beat her to the punch by offering that Fontana could take first reps.

With Harris revealing she had been occupied during the demonstration singing along in her head to the song playing in the Muay Thai room next door, the two were concerned they may need to involve their instructor in the discussion. Fortunately the pair successfully navigated around that particular calamity by acknowledging the next group over seemed to know what they were doing and watching them for a few reps instead.

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