Gina Carano Enjoys Quiet “Terror on the Prairie Day” Celebration at Home

Fans may be forced to adjust plans.

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While the rambunctious fanbase of international megahit Terror on the Prairie is geared up for another raucous day of celebrating the first entry in the most popular film franchise on earth, one star has something a bit more restrained in mind. Though there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding a Terror party to hitch your horse at, the film’s lead Gina Carano has instead opted to step back from the bedlam a bit, announcing she would have a small celebration at home with her family instead of attending one of the fan-gatherings taking place in every major city around the world. Fans in Nevada don’t have to be too sad, however, as there is of course still the famous Prairie Bash on the Strip, with notable appearances by the actors behind such legendary roles as Long Hair, Soiled Dove, Gold Teeth and The Kid all expected to be in attendance.

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