Commentary Surpasses Wrestling as Best Base for MMA Success

Fighting out of the Northeastern School of Broadcast Journalism.

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Dominick Cruz has long been known for being a studious mixed martial artist with a penchant for identifying as-yet-unexploited inefficiencies in the sport to craft winning game plans, and it looks like he’s at it again. Appearing on a podcast with slicked-back Brendan Schaub, Cruz explained that the new way to get a leg up on your opponents is to get a job in commentary allowing you to attend the meetings where they explain how judges actually apply the scoring criteria. Cruz acknowledged the new emphasis on superficial damage over positional superiority, a discussion he had access to not as a professional athlete competing at the highest levels of the sport but, rather, as a television personality. While Cruz is likely to benefit from this extremely normal and good edge for now, don’t be surprised to see your school start incorporating public speaking and broadcasting into its MMA curriculum.

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