Nuggets-Lakers Marred as Kevin Durant and Luka Dončić Engage in Heated One-on-One in Stands

The tussle was broken up before any harm came to bystanders or the backboard.

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The hotly anticipated game two of the NBA Western Conference Finals between the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers was overshadowed by the actions of some other basketball stars in attendance when a heated argument between Kevin Durant and Luka Dončić erupted into an unplanned bout of one-on-one. Fans in the men’s section confirmed the two, who were present as guests of the NBA, began jawing at each other early in the game and the temperature elevated throughout the game alongside the severity of the verbal barbs. The situation boiled over when Durant hit Dončić with a jab step described as “a total sucker punch” and the two players had progressed to a heated post-up engagement under the Nuggets basket before security was able to break the two up.

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